About Us
We are Mississauga’s first virtual restaurant company specializing in fresh to order takeout & delivery meals. We have now developed 6 rapidly growing brands addressing different food needs in a customers life.  Our process involves the conceptualization of the brand right down to the deconstruction of the recipe, testing and tasting until we get the customer to love the product
Understanding the Situation

Identifying gaps within the market while paying special attention to customer wants/needs

Bring the Experience to Life

Creating brands specifically for delivery and take out

Create a Memorable Experience

Understanding that takeout & delivery is not an afterthought.It is our mission.

Our Food Mission

We love creating new menu concepts and delightful experiences for our customers. This is where we get to have fun at what we love to do.  We are just scratching the surface and there are hundreds of food missions in a customer’s life that we have yet to touch!